Our flagship foundation product, Global Business Skills, covers the modern business skills required to help any professional, at any level, in any industry perform better.

The complete set of skills, awareness and behavioral traits a professional requires, from heightened self-awareness through to the ability to manage time, communicate effectively, plan, persuade and solve problems collaboratively.  

 Hardskills makes it possible for:

  • Your workforce to become curious, open, direct and reflective

  • Teams to out-think and outperform your competition

  • Your business to deliver solutions & products faster than competitors

  • You to track how behaviors and habits are changing and develop workforce intelligence



“The course structure is very different from anything else we have done. The videos are also brilliant - it’s as if they have seen the situations I am in everyday. I look forward to each session.” Anand K, On-site Engineer, San Francisco



For individuals, we solve:

How can I develop greater awareness and executive presence?

How do I improve how I communicate so I can lead effectively?

How to persuade, influence and collaborate.

How to think critically.

How do I take control of my time and plan it so every minute counts?

Individuals receive personalized performance reports with actionable coaching recommendations – and certification.   

For enterprises, we solve:

How to quickly and effectively train dispersed teams so they perform to a higher level?

How to get people ready for the change sweeping my industry?

How to measure return on my investment? 

How to know if people are really changing behaviors as a result of the training?

Hardskills’ products are being used to train white collar professionals including groups such as :


Virtual teams working for virtual clients


Team Leads and new managers


Fast track/high-potential employees


Leadership initiatives for women

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GBS is delivered 100% online.

Accessible from anywhere in the world.