Our Story

Hardskills is born of a belief that it’s possible for every professional to be taught new behaviors and habits so they’re more effective.

The world of work is changing rapidly around us. Professionals need to develop the awareness and skills that allow them to have the courage and curiosity for a business world that’s hyper-connected, competitive and where technology is driving change at a previously unimaginable pace.

We know changing mindsets isn’t easy. But that it’s possible.

We spent 3 years creating, iterating and validating our solution for companies to upskill and train their teams at scale in Modern Business Skills. We tested our pedagogy and content for efficacy with companies ranging from family businesses to the Fortune 500. The service industry, technology providers, auto manufacturers, supply chains in the chemical industry and business consulting services.

We proved effectiveness. Clients reported bottom line impact and, on average, saw more than 80% of employees we trained show visible positive change.

It's training – but not as you know it.

We Speak Your Language

Hardskills brings a fresh approach to corporate learning and behavioral skills training. We understand that corporate learning is undergoing its own transformation as it moves from one-off, tactical initiatives to lifelong learning and development. 

We are a global, diverse team that speaks your language. We began our careers as journalists and bring our ability to create compelling content and communicate across multiple constituencies to the Hardskills approach and products. We built two successful, innovative companies that worked with the best brands in the world. We have a track record in building content technology platforms used by Google, Intel, Facebook, IBM, adidas, BMW, Samsung and many more. We know how to build lasting relationships with enterprises big and small globally.

Come see what we can do for you and your teams.


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CEO - Anthony Hayward. Drives product and has overall responsibility for business development.

COO - Shoba Purushothaman. Customer relationships and oversees operations including building out team Hardskills.

CTO - Krish Menon. Leads our team building the best customer experience and outcomes through the Hardskills platform.