We help large enterprises operating in emerging markets develop their workforces at scale.

How do you create a performance mindset? Build a workforce that’s curious, open-minded and able to think critically?

Get teams to cut across silos to collaborate with urgency and accountability? Understand that to move with agility, they need to plan in detail?  Where professionalism underpins every action?

We believe these are the Hard Skills. And, that mastering them requires changing mindsets together with skill development to hard-wire the brain for lasting change - so high-performance becomes a habit.

This has been difficult to do. Until Now.

Hardskills brings a proven architecture to Change Mindsets to develop new habits and skills to prepare your business for the future of work. We’re delivering an average increase of 62% in skills gained, have a course completion rate that is 5x the industry average and users rate us 8.9 out of 10.




Netflix production values. Real-life, instantly relatable and memorable.



We’ve cracked the code on hard-to-teach skills. Get the code for 200, 2000 or 20,000.



We track mindset, skill and behavioural change.  Certified courses. Workforce intelligence.



Pedagogy built on proven cognitive science that changes adult behaviours.

We’re hooking and absorbing.

We bring you scale.

We give actionable data.

We make it stick.


Clients tell us 80% of employees we train show visible positive change


What We Do

We bring a tested online solution to enterprises that want to develop teams in the modern business skills required for high-performance today. Our solution is packaged and priced to allow you to roll-out enterprise-wide. Train 200, 2,000 or 20,000 to see results right across and through the business.

We give you workforce intelligence. Invaluable insight from detailed learning and skill development metrics. We’re available where you are.

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Learners improve their skills by an average of 62% as they progress through our training


Our Products

Global Business Skills Course

Our flagship foundation course covers the full set of modern business skills required to help professionals at any level, in any industry perform better.

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User Feedback

All quotes are real user feedback.


Kate Lopez, UX, Philippines

“As UX lead, I spend a lot of time convincing others of my ideas. I now use the influencing and selling skills I learnt in the course - and it’s working! I never realized selling skills could be used everywhere.”


Anita Pai, Team Lead, India

“I started noting down all the points I need to address in an email sent to me and I make sure I cover all. Not only do I see my emails are better, I am also getting faster responses!”


Aleks Nowak, Engineer, Poland

“I am responsible for transferring data from external partners. All day I get lots of emails. My work involves lots of detail. I was struggling. I started using the focus techniques from the course and now work in blocks of 2-3 hours without interruption.”

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Our completion rates > than 5x industry benchmarks


Loved by learners everywhere. 8.9/10



If you would like to learn more about how we transform individuals, teams and workforces to high performance contact us.